Corporate Events:
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About us

We are the professionally managed outfit of India.
Earlier this company was known as AROUSE Events & Advertising, which was established in 2008.
For us event is serious business.
We design a conceptualize events bearing in mind

  • The profile of the client
  • The image of the brand
  • The target audience and
  • The mileage that the event will generate for the client

We are one-stop-shop for event management.
AROSE Media & Entertainment Pvt. Ltd. is primarily a 'brand management firm.
At AROSE we offer a wide array of services. Which you can host, and we can manage.


A professionalized approach of AROSE begins with the team.
A group of dynamic young talents process each event through specialized cells that deal with various aspects of the event.

  • Client servicing cell
  • Artist and repertoire cell
  • Creative cell
  • Production and planning cell
  • Public relation cell

Why Us

  • Because we offered you a heady mix of professionalism & creativity.
  • Because we customize every event to your requirements down to the last details.
  • Because, we have the contacts to ensure that your event and product get maximum media coverage (if required) and visibility.
  • Giving each project, no matter how big or small, the same attention to detailed and promise of delivery on schedule.l
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